jdub’s Empire Tracker Beta Update

jdub would like to thank everybody for continuing to participate in the Beta for Empire Tracker. The Beta is proceeding well with more than 500 users participating from more than 20 countries. Feedback to the program has been strong with the Beta receiving a current rating of 4.53 out of 5.0 stars on 43 reviews.


There are three people that have rated it only 1 star and jdub believes these poor ratings are tied to one of the following two major issues.

  1. Empire Tracker fails to open for some older devices running Android version “2.1-update1″. To the user, this appears as an immediate crash. jdub has replicated this in our lab and is working on a fix. The issue appears to be related to Empire Tracker’s reliance on Google Play Services. We hope to have this corrected or provide better error messaging in the next release.
  2. Some versions of Android clipboard are not copying and pasting the entire report from Pocket Empires. Empire Tracker needs all columns of the report to be copied. Intermittently, it appears to work the first time a copy/paste is requested after Pocket Empires is launched but it does not continue to work. Installation of the 3rd party LFTek Android Clipboard has resolved this issue for many users. 

We thank everybody for continuing to participate in the Beta. If you have ideas or are experiencing issues, please contact us at support@jdub.com.

At this time, jdub is working on a major upgrade to add new functionality to Empire Tracker — including the ability for you to recall any report you have uploaded previously. This will help you quickly and easily remember what a person’s stack consists of without needing to scroll back through 1,000′s of reports in the game. So, keep uploading those reports — you will only be able to recall reports you uploaded as we don’t want to hurt the players that are using the app and uploading reports. The new version should be released later this summer. Once this new functionality is stable, the product should be able to be considered a Full Release. While we have the core issues, it will remain Beta. Keep sending your feedback.

jdub has also started development on a new MMORPG and is targeting Beta release later this year. Keep your ears open.

jdub Launches “Empire Tracker” Beta

jdub is pleased to announce the beta release of Empire Tracker for Android. Empire Tracker is a companion application for Pocket Empires that helps players become better by providing market trading strategies, battle analysis, and tracking player stacks and tendencies. It has been released to a select audience and will be available in the Google Play market shortly. Here are some screen previews:

Market Page

The market reporting provides hour-by hour statistics to help you choose how to best utilize your health and mana. Which troops can you profitably farm to build up your gems or attack? Is it better to buy gold and food or dismiss monsters?

Another key to maximizing gems within Pocket Empires is to properly recruit in your forts. Whether you are trying to determine the best troops to accelerate when recruiting the maximum allowed or if you have too many forts to mana accelerate each factory, Empire Tracker provides guidelines on how to maximize your gem production. Good players convert natural health and mana to over 1,000 gems daily.


Report DetailEmpire Tracker also provides in depth analysis on battles so you can determine how you did. Whether trying to minimize your 1% loss or trying to confirm if you’re attacks are a bona fide shred, Empire Tracker is able to provide you the analysis you need to determine if you won the gem battle as well as the fort.

When playing on Freedom or Legacy, the battle analyzer quickly determines the value of all troops in a pool and makes it easy to confirm the overall damage. Each server tracks gem values and rules separately allowing Empire Tracker to properly determine 1% loss of FMs on Revolution or food/gold cost differences between servers.

At this time, Empire Tracker is available to selected players only — our friends at Phoenix Empire Elite. If you want to participate in the early Beta, please leave a reply below or email support@jdub.com.